Bird Migration with Year 2

Published: 21st January, 2020
Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy Year 2 students at Breydon Water, January 2020.

What better place to learn about bird migration than at Breydon Water – a protected RAMSAR Wetland vital for overwintering wildfowl and waders? With this endorsement Year 2, from Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy, clambered eagerly onto our buses. Naturally, the two days we had chosen to visit the exposed vastness of Breydon Water proved to be this winter’s coldest – frost everywhere! In between running races and jumping jacks to keep feet and hands warm, the students learnt to tell the difference between wildfowl and waders, used binoculars to count the thousands of birds out on the mudflats and played the migration game. For this game students were divided into migrating geese and gun toting humans. The humans “shot at”/chased the geese as they “flew”/ran from the Arctic circle to overwinter at Breydon Water. A number of protected re-fuelling and stop over sites were added and removed to highlight how necessary these are for the survival of migrating birds. The game also kept everyone warm!