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Grants under £1000


Somerleyton Primary School – National Park Exchange Visit

In September the two schools of Somerleyton Primary School, Norfolk, representing the Broads National Park, and Bury Church of England Primary School, Sussex, representing the South Downs National Park, visited each other to learn all about the other school’s national park and make friends!

Read the full report here.


Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective – Broad Sounds 

In this podcast writer and naturalist, Mark Cocker joins poet, author and UEA lecturer, Jean McNeil on the 12:36 train from Norwich to Great Yarmouth. Their conversation focuses on the broads; Norfolk’s unique and alluring National Park. Broadsound is the same duration as the trip from Norwich to Great Yarmouth and can be listened to on the train to accompany the journey.

Punctuating their conversation are recordings of Surlingham-based duo ‘The Happy Couple’ and field recordings made in and around the broads. Ear of the Edgeland Ep.1 / Broadsounds was produced by Oliver Payne for the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective.

‘Lullaby of Broadland’ and ‘Into the Reeds’ were written by The Happy Couple (David Ross and Judith Goodman) and recorded in Surlingham church by Oliver Payne. Binaural field recording of Ranworth broad made by Ollie Hall. Field Recording of the Ted Ellis reserve made by Richard Fair.

Listen to the entire podcast via Soundcloud 


Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective – Breydon Sounds

Breydonsound is the second in a series of podcasts taking an explorative and alternative look at the county of Norfolk. This second episode features Gorleston based painter, Bruer Tidman in conversation with artist and writer, Sarah Lowndes in a bird hide overlooking Breydon Water.

The first part of Breydonsound focuses on the social history of the area, through stories and ideas emerging from Bruer’s time spent living in and around Yarmouth, before the pair discuss the inherent magic and appeal of this landscape and the broads more widely. Breydonsound features a recording of ‘Goodbye Dad’ by Yarmouth based, Jason Parr (recorded in new Gt Yarmouth gallery, Ex Marks the Spot) and a piece taken from his most recent release ‘Bubble and Squeak’.

Ear of the Edgeland Ep.2 / Breydonsound was produced by Oliver Payne for the Norfolk and Norwich Sonic Arts Collective in partnership with originalprojects. Field Recordings of Burgh Castle made by Richard Fair, recordings from under Breydon flyover made by Oliver Payne.

Listen to the podcast here 

Norfolk Education Library Service – Broads Books

Providing 15 primary schools with  a box of Broads books. Each school receives a box of around 25 books tailored to the age range, interests and needs of the school. Selection includes novels, picture books, poetry, art. Project aims to increase the awareness and knowledge of the Broads amongst local school pupils.

Ted Ellis Trust – Wheatfen Community Conservation Volunteers

Restoring Thack Marsh at Wheatfen Nature Reserve by developing a local community volunteer group to carry out ecological surveying, creation of management plans,  undertaking scrub removal, reed cutting and monitoring.

Friends of Thurne Mill – Capturing memories of Thurne Mill

Creating a physical and digital history of Thurne Mill. Recording memories for future generations to see so they can understand the historical and social impact the mill had on the landscape, local communities, holiday makers and enthusiasts.

Grants over £1000


English+  – Introducing new communities to the Broads

A programme of educational trips, creative courses, and regular volunteering opportunities aimed at introducing the new communities we work with at English+, New Routes and The Bridge+  to the area and landscape they now find themselves living in. Most of the individuals are recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers who live in Norwich and know the city well. However, the Broads, remain rather unknown and inaccessible, up until now…



River Waveney Trust – Geldeston Lock

Geldeston Lock stopped trading in 1934 and since then has fallen into disrepair. The wall on the south side of the lock, above the high tide level, has been badly damaged by vegetation and trees. There is some damage on the north wall but to a much less extent. This project aims to repair and where necessary rebuild the damaged brickwork. When the project is complete the lock will become a nucleus for education projects that provides a vital focus for the social and economic history of the area and the wider river network

Bergh Apton Conservation Trust – Chet Bee Line

Creating an interconnected habitat for pollinators across the Chet Valley. Led by the Bergh Apton Conservation Trust, supported by Buglife, Norfok Wildlife Trust and Norfolk FWAG.

The project will provide the knowledge and resources to allow  local community to contribute to creation of  increased flower-rich habitat to improve pollinator populations. It is about bringing people together, and potentially in novel ways – for example, encouraging farmers to allow appropriately trained members of the public to monitor pollinators on their holdings; or encouraging businesses to allow volunteers to create habitat on their premises.

Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Allotment Association – Common Road Nature Reserve

This project is a fantastic community enhancement scheme, as well as a natural flood management feature helping to alleviate local flooding issues. It will transform a derelict and overgrown site in Southtown Common into a nature reserve with dedicated area for seating and walking. The work involves redeveloping the derelict area, creating a series of ponds and a meandering waterway fed by water from the existing surface water drainage system. This system carries water from the Burgh road area (prone to flooding) and the project will also make more space for this flood water to spill into in times of high-water levels. The levels within the site will be designed so as to hold water, before releasing it slowly back into the existing watercourse.

Norfolk Mink Project – Mink Police

The aim of this project is to improve control of mink within the Broads by increasing the efficiency of control. This will be achieved by using new technology in the form of remote trap monitoring devices and expanding the volunteer network. By helping improve and sustain mink control, this project will help protect and enhance the native biodiversity within the Broads National Park. In so doing it will help to create a more attractive environment for residents and visitors, allowing them to experience seeing iconic wetland species such as water voles.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust – Technology bringing Carlton Marshes to life

Using thermal imaging technology to capture populations and behaviours of wildlife that has previously been hidden by foliage, low light levels or poor visibility.

Wherry Maud Trust – Pop up museum

Creation of pop up museum based on activities and history of the Wherry Maud. To educate and inform the general public about the part played by wherries in the history of the Norfolk Broads area. Trading wherries were the juggernauts of their day, carrying exports to the port of Great Yarmouth and imports from Great Yarmouth to many riverside locations, as well as transporting agricultural produce and general merchandise wherever needed. As the holiday industry developed trading wherries were converted for pleasure.