School Art Competition: Life in the Dykes

Published: 13th July, 2020
“Pike” Year 6 Winner – Elm Tree Primary Academy

Congratulations to the winners of our School Life in the Dykes Art Competition! We received 73 pictures via email from Reception through to Year Six. Entries came in from both those that have returned to school as well as those still being home schooled. Unsurprisingly, we had a very tough time choosing the winners and runners up in each year group! The Winners received a Minibeast Explorer Kit and the Runners Up a Pencil Case Set all kindly donated by RSPB Strumpshaw, our key partner running the Connecting Communities Project within Water, Mills and Marshes.

The dykes (drainage ditches) of the Broads National Park are home to a number of extremely rare and fascinating animals and because of this many are designated and protected as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Some of the rarest and weirdest are the Fen Raft Spider, Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly, Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail and plants like the Water Soldier and carnivorous Bladderwort.

“The children loved doing these and we had a wonderful time outside and learning about the various things that live in the broads.”

Jess Peek, Elm Tree Primary Academy

Students were asked to use our web post, Life in the Dykes, as inspiration and submit a collage using natural materials collected from their garden, school grounds, local park or on their family walk. Their pictures could be either a portrait of an individual animal or the landscape as a whole. It was great to see how imaginative the students were at transforming flowers, gravel, leaves, mud and bark into a variety of animals! Scroll down to see the artwork from all the Winners and Runners Up.

Again a BIG Thank you to everyone for sending us your pictures, we loved them all, and of course a big Congratulations to the Winning 7!


Reception – Pakefield Primary School
Year 1 – Elm Tree Primary Academy
Year 2 – Elm Tree Primary Academy










Year 3 – Pakefield Primary School
Year 4 – Elm Tree Primary Academy
Year 5 – Pakefield Primary School









Reception – White House Farm Primary School
Year 1 – Corton Primary School
Year 2 – Pakefield Primary School










Year 3 – Pakefield Primary School
Year 4 – Reedham Primary School
Year 5 – St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School
Year 6 – St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School

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