The Broads National Park is Britain’s largest protected wetland and is home to a quarter of the UK’s rarest species. A haven for wildlife and an archaeological treasure trove, the Broads’ significance locally, nationally and internationally cannot be underestimated. 55 public and private partner organisations have come together to deliver the most ambitious and far-reaching programme yet dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Broads.

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Water, Mills and Marshes in the Broads National Park

Water, Mills and Marshes has 5 main priorities which guide the projects and activities the scheme is delivering:

  1. To increase the information and interpretative material about the history and special qualities of the Broads
  2. To encourage people out into the landscape, and to improve physical access to and within the scheme Area
  3. To protect and enhance heritage assets at risk; to discover, record and protect waterlogged archaeological assets
  4. To create and connect habitat corridors to strengthen our ecological networks; to improve land and water management regimes to adapt to climate change and development pressures
  5. To enable community projects through a small grants programme

Check out our Latest News and What’s On sections to see how we are transforming the Broads for everyone.

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Are you keen on wildlife? Do you want to try your hand at a new skill or learn something new? Or maybe you’d like to explore the history of the Broads and contribute to a research project. Even if you’re just looking for a nice day out to explore this unique part of the British countryside, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Water, Mills and Marshes offers events, exhibitions, guided walks, open days, creative activities an so much more on a regular basis. Check our What’s On section to stay up to date with upcoming activities and Latest News for more info on what we’ve been up to in the Broads.

For those that are looking for a way to really get involved and give back, there are opportunities to volunteer with many of our partner organisations. Check out our volunteering page with links to those opportunities.

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