Wild Watch

“‘Wild Watch’ cameras gave us a brilliant opportunity to view many nocturnal visitors to our garden. Amazing easy to use – placed it near our pond switched it on and checked it every morning to find some impressively high quality images and video of some really interesting wildlife.”

In 2018, we began the ‘Wild Watch’ project, where individual schools or members of the public could loan out camera traps to capture images and videos of what was going on in their garden or ‘wild patch’ close to where they live to enable them to get closer to nature.

We lent the cameras to schools we had been working with in Lowestoft. Each school got a camera for two weeks to put up on school grounds and in the nearby area to see what wildlife prowl or flutter around during the day and at night. During the time they were used we had received a great selection of shots of gulls, foxes, badgers, squirrels, jays, cows, hedgehogs and deer. Read more about the success the schools had and see the stars of the show in one of our news posts here.