University Engagement

We have worked closely with the University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts across multiple projects. Participating university students and their tutors have not only found great value in engaging with what the Broads can offer to them, but the Water, Mills and Marshes partnership has come to rely on the talent and creative work that these students deliver year after year.

Here are a couple stand out examples of how we’ve been working with local University Students:

100 Years of Ted Ellis

In 2019, we approached UEA’s Heritage iTeams programme to help come up with some creative out-of-the-box thinking about our Digital Ted project, which later became known as ‘100 Years of Ted Ellis’, a project ambitiously working to digitise the famed Norfolk Naturalist, Ted Ellis’ personal journals.

A multitalented team of postgraduate students from UEA and NUA came together on a weekly basis to develop a new plan to bring the life and legacy of Ted Ellis back for a new audience and generation. Discover what the team has come up with here or on the project’s instagram.

Mapping the Broads

Water, Mills and Marshes also worked with NUA on the Mapping the Broads project which was presented in an exhibition at East Gallery in 2020 and showcased the extraordinary work of 3 NUA tutors and pupils from Year 8 at Acle Academy with a total of 1,346 visitors to the gallery. Read more about this project here.