Picture of fish print making

Schools Engagement

The Water, Mills and Marshes Education Team provided programmes and experiences for pupils of all ages within the incredibly special Broads National Park. Our projects were designed to build an understanding of the Park’s history, landscape, wildlife, culture and economy and reflect our “A Sense of Place – and a Place to Achieve” ethos.

Our entirely free programme of initiatives offered students a rewarding experience out in the Broads National Park, as well as in the classroom. We worked with primary schools, high schools and colleges providing both structured and informal learning opportunities. These were tailored to various group sizes, from entire year groups down to in school science, music and art clubs.

For Primary Schools, we offered a three-part Core Package. This included an Introductory Roadshow followed by an Experience Day of a river cruise and visits to local sites of natural and historical interest. There was then a Project Day back in school where pupils interpreted their experiences by producing various forms of artwork to exhibit to the local community. Each year, as well as the Core Package, we also offered a variety of further projects including the ‘Wild Watch’ camera traps in schools, a national park school exchange trip, a trip to the International Boatbuilding Training College, art exhibitions and workshops.

Read even more about our schools engagement in our news updates from 2018 and 2019; First year review and mills, marshmen, mayflies, wherries all part of the package.

For High Schools and Colleges, we worked with the teaching staff to tailor our programmes to meet the needs of the students and the particular subject they were studying. We ran programmes that encompass art, music, geography, history and science.

Read about the Broads Album and the Ecology practical projects here.

All the above were facilitated using our own minibuses at no cost to the school or college. These programmes to education establishments were all within the Water, Mills and Marshes project area.

Water, Mills and Marshes also created an Educational Resources to be used by teaching staff and parents, which proved a particularly useful resource during the Covid-19 restrictions.