Life and Work on the Broads

Life in the Broads has changed dramatically over the last few generations. The landscape and waters of the Broads changed dramatically in response from developments in the environment, industry and agriculture. Some towns grew, while some small villages and hamlets have disappeared almost entirely. Today we can only imagine what the Broads were like when large ships hauled timber, coal and other goods from Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft up the rivers to Norwich. When people made their lives on the marshes, tending to the dykes and the mills, and when news, trade and social connections depended on the rivers.

The WISEArchive gathered more than 100 stories from people who have lived, worked and spent their lives in the Broads. The stories are organised by categories including: boat building, coypu, life and childhood, reed cutting, and many more. Have a read and listen to the stories by following the link below.

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Cover for WiseArchiveBookIn 2020, the WISEArchive published a book titled: Water, Mills & Marshes Life and Work on the Broads 1920-2020. It is a beautiful collection of many of the stories gathered as part of the project and makes an excellent addition to any collection about the Broads. The book can be found in local bookshops and can be ordered directly from Bittern books.

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