A Shot of Wildlife: A flow of nutrients through the Waveney

Published: 14th September, 2021

We have once again teamed up with Liam Smith from A Shot of Wildlife to take you on an a virtual video tour along the River Waveney, investigating the fascinating connections between life below the water’s surface and in the Waveney marshes.

Follow Liam’s journey along the River Waveney from Beccles to Geldeston, exploring the ways in which predators become prey as the river flows through the Waveney valley. Liam will go over some of the complex food web systems and the intriguing feeding habits of the wildlife that call this section of the River Waveney home.

Starting at Beccles Lido, Liam will board The Big Dog Ferry and virtually guide you along the 3 mile stretch of the Waveney capturing what or who he sees along the way. As he ventures further down the river, he will then depart the boat at Geldeston at The Locks Inn Community Pub before he does the return leg of his journey back to Beccles along the Angles Way Long Distance Trail to further investigate the intertwining food webs in the marshes that encompass the River Waveney.

Inspired by the virtual tour?

If you’d like to follow Liam’s journey for yourself, you can find booking details for the Big Dog Ferry on their website here. You can also find information about the Angles Way for the return leg of the journey here.

If travelling by water isn’t for you and prefer you’re feet firmly on the ground, you could complete a similar journey walking the banks of the Waveney from Beccles to Geldeston Locks and back along the Angles Way following the 7 mile Beccles and Geldeston circular walk here.

Remember that depending on the season you may encounter wet and muddy conditions or long vegetation, so dress accordingly. Please respect natural habitats as you walk, stay on any waymarked paths and take litter home. Routes may pass through areas grazed by livestock so please follow the countryside code for advice on th

Watch the full video tour on YouTube below