Broads in Miniature Competition

Event date: 13th May, 2020 - 30th June, 2020

Picture of crafted Broads landscape modelAre you missing the beautiful Broads, like us? We’re running a crafty competition for you to show us why the Broads is so special to you, by creating your own mini model of the Broads National Park. Send us photos of your creation and you could win a Broads Goody bag.

Your model could be in a corner of your garden, or on an old tray in your bedroom. It could be large or small (in a shoe box). It should include things that make the Broads a very special place. It doesn’t have to be of the whole Broads, but it should capture something about the landscape like wildlife (plants and animals), people, boats, water, mills and marshes.

Read the full instructions below on how to enter or download them here.

Make sure you enter before 30th June 2020.

For any questions please contact:

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Map of event location