GFA Lesson 1: What makes the Broads unique?

  • Subject Area: Geography, Natural History, Tourism
  • Suitable for levels: GCSE, KS3
  • Audience: Educators, Parents/Families
What is it that makes the Broads National Park so unique? Is it the numerous waterways and Broads teaming with wildlife, some extremely rare and only found in the Broads? Or is it the variety of different habitats to be found here or even it's unique history?

Explore this idea further in lesson 1 as we consider some of the special qualities and attractions of the Broads, develop our locational knowledge of the area and consider how the Broads are perceived.

Download the lesson powerpoint and worksheet below and work through whilst listening to the narrated lesson on Youtube here.

Download GFA Lesson 1: What makes the Broads unique? Resources

  1. Lesson 1 Powerpoint [pptx]
  2. Lesson 1 Worksheet [pdf]