• Subject Area: Art, Design Technology, History, Literacy, Working in the Broads
  • Suitable for levels: KS1, KS2
  • Audience: Educators, Parents/Families
The story of the Marshmen spans nearly three hundred years from the point when the first mills began to be built in the Broads. It’s a tale of hard work, inventions, wind, isolation, smuggling, guns, boats and rivers, all set in the beautiful Broads National Park. Read our post: "Broads Uncovered: Marshmen" to learn more. Then download the Resource Pack below to access the following Activities:
      • "A Day on the Marshes" - imagine you lived on the marshes and write your own story.
      • "Picture this Life" - use the short descriptions of people's lives on the marshes to create a picture.
      • "Marshmen Wanted" - put an advertisement in the local paper for a marshman.
      • Make Pinwheel “Windmills”