Trading Wherries

  • Subject Area: Art, Design Technology, History, Working in the Broads
  • Suitable for levels: KS1, KS2
  • Audience: Educators, Parents/Families
The first trading wherries began to appear on the waterways of the Broads from 1700 onwards and by 1830 they were the boat of choice to transport goods such as coal, bricks, timber, wheat and malt to and from the ports, cities, towns and villages throughout the region. Read our post: "Broads Uncovered: The Trading Wherries" and explore the Prezi Presentation to discover the world of the Broads’ trading wherries and the men and women who lived and worked on them. Then download the Resource Pack below to access the following Activities:
  • Picture perfect
  • Design a wind vane
  • Create your own weather station
  • Make a sailing boat