Wherry Lines Walks: Cantley

Walk Length: 4.5 mile circular walk.

Getting Started

Begin this Norfolk Trails walk at Cantley station, NR13 3SQ, served by the Wherry Line from Norwich and Great Yarmouth. If travelling by car, there is parking available at the Reed Cutter Inn, NR13 3SH, if using the facilties there.

The Route

The Cantley skyline is dominated by the British Sugar factory with the surrounding marshlands being a haven for wildlife. Cantley Marshes are managed by the RSPB and provide habitat for geese, wigeon and teal, waders and raptors. A recent Water, Mills and Marshes project partnership with British Sugar and RSPB saw the creation of valuable wading bird breeding grounds adjacent to the factory and created habitat for rare birds such as Lapwing and Redshank.

The majority of the walk is flat but there are two stiles and some gentle gradients. The walk also passes train crossings so take extra care and follow crossing instructions. Facilities are available at The Cantley Cock inn and The Reed Cutter Inn and are dependent on opening times.

For more information on the Wherry Lines Walks, the full walk booklet is available to download here.

Getting started

Location of start of trail

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